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  1. If they can copy what they need from my car and apply it to yours, i'll take it down to Main North Nissan for you.
  2. Thanks mate, I'll give them a call
  3. Couldn't find a recent topic on this. Have a 08 V36, I've been taking it to Main North Nissan. They're not particularly good at solving engine pinging. Looking for somewhere (prefer eastern suburbs) that can give it a good clean out & service or tune.. what ever... Cheers ^_^
  4. Still have the car, haven't had a single problem since. They told me the same thing. At that point my V36 was near undrivable, and i'd never be able to sell it so... They told me they hooked it to a laptop, and someone from Tech Line configured it remotely from Sydney. Beyond that I have no other info for ya. 10/10 would do again.
  5. Don't know what else I could tell you that might help. Im in adelaide, bugged Infiniti Melb for a while. They facilitated getting the update from japan. Which was meant to be sent to Adelaide. Nissan refused, instead held the update and sent it to TECH LINE. GTR dealership in Adelaide connected a laptop to my car. A person from TECH LINE in sydney did the update/config remotely. Andrew Taylor from Infiniti Melbourne was the legend or helped me out in 2014.
  6. I was getting a little over 600km a tank prior. Since, about 580. Suburban driving.
  7. Cars been a dream since. Slight delay in the milliseconds off the line and the point at which it changes gears is slightly different from memory.
  8. If anyone in the future has this issue, the culprit for me was a blown Audio fuse in the engine bay. Big square one. I assumed it was HVAC circuit and got a new Headunit off ebay. Wasn't the case.
  9. For anyone else looking for it, the two 15a fuses with identical names are the aircon fans.
  10. V36, Does anyone know which fuse is for the aircon? Headunit? I am finding it impossible to find any information. Google translate isnt being much help with the jap layout.
  11. That's HU power supply from what i've been reading.
  12. This whole headunit is such a pain in the ass. It's not possible to put something else in with a canbus is it?
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