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  1. Sklyn

    Jaustech might be a little closer. Always had great reviews from all customers.
  2. I guess my next step would be to remove the mbc and just run the hose straight from cooler to gate and see if theres any change. that should give you basic wastgate pressure of about 5-6psi (below .5bar) How is the mbc conected directly to the wastegate? I'd think you would have to use a hose. Check All connections again make sure they are all zip tied or clamped really tight. triple check the blocked hose as well. What was the set up before you installed this? factory solenoid as in the OP pics? then maybe return it to stock to see if there is any difference and make sure the two stage solenoid is working as normal, 5psi then 7psi (close to .5bar) This will show that you can get boost higher then the gate spring. And show us some more pics, might be able to spot something.
  3. yeah i agree with ^^. Sounds like the MBC is backwards. If you are getting the exact same boost as before installation then it is having no impact. Either it faulty internally or backwards. (assuming everything else is connected properly) When you say .5bar what is giving you that reading? the stock boost gauge is not in bar, and the stock wastegate is closer to .4 bar. If not using an aftermarket boost gauge i recommend installing one before installing the mbc so you can closely and accurately measure the changes as its easy to go into overboost which may cause other issues even though the ecu does have safe guards in place.
  4. Sklyn

    Hey mate, Give Jaustech a call. Everyone I know has always been very happy with their work
  5. Sklyn

    be careful man, they slide easy enough in the dry. Would hate to see you end up like my original 33.. =( I wasn't even being stupid, just a series of unfortunate circumstances.. No one to blame but myself though.
  6. Sklyn

    Definitely don't sell mate! I enjoy seeing your updates too. I really regret selling mine =(
  7. Sklyn

    on my mates we just tightened up the clamp and problem solved
  8. Sklyn

    same discs i chose, though mine were the normal silver not dark. I went with Bendix HD pads. Cant say I ever heard a difference when driving though. How are all your bushes/rubbers on the steering? Mine started to develop a wobble under breaking and that was the issue. oh PS. think i saw you driving down NE road the other week. car looks great =D
  9. Did you do all that admS15 said? Do that first. He is a wise wise dude!
  10. Sklyn

    Theres also a cold start valve similar to aac. Give it a clean too
  11. Sklyn

    sounds like an exciting day! Thats not too bad for a track day, could have been A LOT worse. That's skyline life, always something to fix/mod, thats why we love em =) yeah, had a bit of a google, seems it has the consult port, so maybe price up getting ecutalk and cable. If you still have the old actuator in working order maybe put it back on and see what happens at low boost. Could try borrowing a known good working coilpack and 1 by 1 changing it with yours to ensure they are all working properly. Uner boost, is it like a faint whistle? and worse when its cold? Mine used to do this and i came to the conclusion it was the gasket starting to go on the turbo.