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  1. I get the error 2S129/4 The member is not awaiting validation. When i try to login from a pc.
  2. I came by to have a look, does the wet make it better or worse?
  3. Heres another one, again a modified victoria one, if anyone has ideas tell me ill see what i can do.
  4. Sure why not, if it takes you admins too long, we could maybe make our own depending on costs.
  5. Funny how everyone is all talk no make, it was actually really simple to make, took me about 1 hour, 50 mins of that looking for the damm font to use. If any of the admins wants the Vector version let me know and ill send it, so you know you can make it any size you want without pixilisation. I should be a member of the club next year maybe,it would depend.
  6. If you know a place we could maybe make some of our own up.
  7. Thanks, the font i used basically looks the same as the victorian SAU logo text when stretched, i couldn't find anything closer tho. Its a vector image so i can make it any size, where is a place to get it done
  8. Made this up quickly, I love vectors What do you guys think?
  9. Is it me or is it just the SAU logo with more of a gap between the S and the AU and victoria underneeth the AU....
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