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  1. If you dont mind the drive, DVS tuning at Somersby
  2. Oh and BTW, the items i bought (Radiator and thermo fans) are NOT quality items (Ebay Genuine parts) haha
  3. Not sure if you have fixed the problem yet but here is my 2 cents... I had 5 years of overheating at idle problems with the standard fan with an aftermarket 52mm core radiator. The more water your radiator holds the more air needs to flow past it to cool it down. It was especially bad on a 40 degrees day and the AC was on, couldn't go far if i wasn't doing a constant 50kmh. The factory fan decided to seize and spit a blade into the radiator so i decided to try a smaller radiator and bought a 42mm core radiator. I now have a measly 12" electric thermo fan on the engine side and a 10" fan on the other blowing through, it sits at 82 degrees with the AC on in any temperatures.... Problem completely gone. Not saying that is your problem but its worth looking into.. Ok maybe that was 3 cents worth.
  4. Nah sorry man. Would think E85 made roughly 50rwkw more. The 255rwkw tune was one 98 if that helps.
  5. R33 GTR Clicked 100,000kms on a budget built 2.6 on an old Power FC with 255rwkw so decided it's finally run in and went single turbo. [emoji23] -proboost gtx35 -ETM manifold -50mm turbosmart wastegate (18psi spring) -1000cc Bosch injectors -walbro 460 -standard cams -adaptronic ecu E85 of course Manual boost tee maxed out, one slight turn and it just overboosts, Needs a proper boost controller. 376.4kw on 23psi Tuned by Jez
  6. Fair enough! Like most things you jump into it and realise there’s more too it lol I said to my tuner I’m looking at a budget single turbo conversion, all he said was “Remove the word budget and re send message” Hahaha I got the hint lol
  7. So I’ve been told [emoji106] I do a fair bit of welding so I’m hoping to save a bit on fabrication work [emoji16][emoji23] But who am I kidding.
  8. Fair call. I like the GTX3582R so I’m pretty set
  9. Yeah I am up to date with motive DVD. So I know they make for some good power. Andrew seems to be the only one I know using it lol
  10. Thank you Budget performance... Explains why they are $500+/-cheaper than a GTX Was looking at a single conversion and saw these but like I said, not enough reviews on them
  11. Hi all Can someone shed some light on why people converting an RB26 from twins to a single tend to lean towards the Garrett GTX range instead of the Garrett GTW range? There is hardly any reviews on the GTW series because on one seems to use them... They certainly seem to have the goods So why? [emoji848]
  12. Hey mate Long shot but is any of this still avaliable?? Was after the manifold Cheers
  13. Midnight purple BNR747 hitting gate on Windsor road yesterday arvo. I was drooling!!
  14. Yeah the more common a tyre size the cheaper. A good set for 20s is over $300 a tyre... that hurts. Like you said, AWD is the only thing saving me lol
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