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  1. Anyone have to do a power cable to support the extra 70a due to bigger alternator ?
  2. I’m looking for genuine Bosch 044 x2 but don’t trust any one selling as there’s way to many copies now
  3. Have you got any better pics like face on ? And do we need the rb alternator bracket with the bracket in your kit?
  4. I’m interested in one of the mounting brackets how much? And can they be bolted on to an rb26?
  5. Hey griffin how high do they sit have you got any pics?
  6. Sweet thanks guys I’ll look into it Sub boy32 I’ll email you now
  7. Hi guys I’m after some r35 coils for my rb26 my question is will the standard 35 coils fit under the valley cover or will I have to purchase ones that are shorter. I know there are kits available I just want to make sure the standard size will fit?
  8. I bought some from them but they seem to be leaking very slow the thread part is longer than the genuine brembo ones I just want genuine valves I’ll try calling Nissan tomorrow and see what they have before I venture else where
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