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  1. Missileman

    funny guy, I own a 32 not a 33. besides, I have not updated my dif yet.
  2. Missileman

    Update: my correction to cold crank enrichment has worked... starts like and idles like a champ once again. So now I suppose I should start looking for any air leaks, but only when all the rubber is cold.
  3. Yeah like Donald J Trump has an opinion and Neil deGrasse Tyson has one as well....
  4. Big boobs and butt don't do it for me, B and C cups hold there shape much better... Yes I am being sexist oink oink !
  5. While I don't hate the R33, it's just like that cute girl from school when you see her at the 10 year reunion and she has put on 20 kgs yeah nah.... Plus the 32 has much more pure look to it, lean menacing, with intent, plus it's stellar racing history, there is only one Godzilla! R32 GTR in Gunmetal Grey ❤️
  6. Missileman

    After looking at the tables I think you are correct, I've added a couple of percentage in the 20c and 30c blocks of the cold crank enrichment table., have to wait until the ambient tenps warm up to see if it made any difference.
  7. Missileman

    The 250 with V2 iron crossflow head was a nice motor,.
  8. Missileman

    Tune was by me a couple of summers ago, thanks Johnny I'll open it it up and have a look, If I have problems I'll send you the file to have a look at.
  9. Missileman

    Fresh tank of fuel from a very new seven-11 noticed the same ting last summer, issue disappears in winter. I think it's running a little rich in the cold crank table, will have a play when it stops raining...
  10. Missileman

    As the weather is warming up I've noticed that my 32gtst is not starting from cold as easily as it does or should compared to winter time, we just had a really cool morning and the car started first crank, when the engine is at operating temp restarting is fine, always first crank, it just has an issues starting first start of the day when ambient temps are over 25c Any suggestions before I start playing around in nistune?
  11. that blows man, how the fark does that even happen?
  12. Missileman

    I always remove my wheels and clean them the day before my appointment with the tyre shop... they do notice things like that.
  13. Missileman

    stay out of the guards, and may the safety car gods be kind
  14. Missileman

    Brilliant moves by Ricciardo, this is a good race so far...