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  1. stock manifolds crack for two reasons, aftermarket exhausts weigh considerably more than stock, so they need that support bracket near the cat, it often doesn't get replaced. The second issue is the torque wrench is impossible to get into the engine bay to tighten up the manifold nuts, use an open ended spanner on the torque wrench to get a hand feel for the required torque, then replicate that torque as you are tightening the the nuts...also FFS buy a new set of studs, yokes and washers when you change the manifold, as the mani heats up it grows, too tight, or old yokes and washer and the mani will not be able to move as it should.
  2. Nothing wrong with the cheap semi synth oil, full synthetics advantage is longer change intervals. Oil tech has improved since our cars were new, so there is no penalty in using the cheaper stuff. I'm of the opinion that cheaper oil changed more frequently is an advantage because it removes more sludge from the engine. For turbo engines I change the oil every 6 months or 5 000Km, which ever comes first.
  3. Know anybody with a 3D printer???
  4. Supercheap has some decent quality 10-40 semi synth Gulf Western on sale for $18
  5. John is a fcuking legend, if only all journalists had his credibility.
  6. https://youtu.be/AU9ixQVwCRE
  7. Are they cracks or burn marks from arcing?
  8. 37mm x 4mm adhesive backed possibly horn button...?
  9. https://www.computeroutpost.com.au/imports/spec.asp?id=722
  10. ...and i mean all the exhaust studs, washers, and yokes.
  11. Don't just replace the studs, replace the yokes and washers too, it's a pain in the arse job, so do it right the first time.
  12. Gunmetal on a 32 is the best
  13. I had a girlfriend who a photo album of all her old dipsticks...she worked in a photographic lab.
  14. Those Ku39s are not too bad, they're good in the wet, but I did find that the harden up after a while. mine lasted 30K ~ 3.5 years, the last 6 months they were a little slippy.