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  1. Nismo fuel cap, cooler with cooler piping, s tune front bar, Rays wheel nuts are considered big things to you? Cars making standard power on a power FC big deal it's basically standard mostly cosmetic modifications.
  2. Too modified? Seems pretty standard to me...
  3. Is that the one that had the cage?
  4. Pretty sure price is with the wheels. Says negotiable without wheels which means its 15k with wheels.
  5. Have you contacted the guy above your price drop comment? Seems like he's happy to take it of your hands.
  6. Beautiful car. Is that resprayed back to its original colour code?
  7. Im talking modification wise evos are a lot easier. Subarus are shit. I once took a round about in a STi was understeering nearly climbed a kerb as with the evo at a greater speed took it like on rails.
  8. Evo over Sti anyday and also better on track then gtr by far. Ive owned Sti Evo and GTR and evo is best all rounder.
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