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Rb20det Gearbox's.. How Strong Are They?


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I recently put a GTR motor in ym gtst, and my box blew. It was in bad condition anyway. I was going to purchase a r32 box as it;s smaller and way cheaper. i was told by three reputable gearbox specialists that they are identical to the r33 box, only 5th gear is slightly different with a few hundred revs at 100km in fifth. But as far as strength goes they are as strong as the 33 box. Have any of u come accrtoss these box's braking or can confirm what i have been told?

Any help would be appreciated.


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The common idea is that an RB20DET gearbox is very similar to an RB30E gearbox, and an RB25DET gearbox being the same as an RB26DETT gearbox minus the transfer case, so yeah, it's a shit load stronger

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