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Hks Electronic Idling Stabilizer

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Hey guys,

I have been having a stalling problem with my r33 and have been suggested various options. One of which is to install a HKS Electronic Idling Stabilizer.

Has anyone installed one in their car? if so, is there any need to change from the stock ECU or to change any other parts? Can you just install the stabilizer and away you go?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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You can just install it. Also check out the Raisin kits that JustJap sell in the for sale section. Same thing but cheaper.

It has cured a few weird issues for various people, but i'm not sure it'll cure stalling. It has fixed rough idle for a couple of guys.

Might want to check for piping leaks and stuff first? Do you have an atmo BOV?

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