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17x9 +10 Offset Will It Fit?

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since noone has answered your thread i will contribute, my old r33 had:

front: 18x8 (32 offset)

rear: 18x9 (45 offset)

the fitment was good but pretty tight to the suspension on both the front and rear. I would think that a 10 offset on the rear would see the rim hit the suspension and brakes, can't be sure tho, sorry.


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from what I have learnt in the last few days, this is what I think.

Jason has tried 18x9 +30 and it just fits. that is with 235 tyres.

The +10 wheels will stick out a further 2cm than his 18x9 +30 wheels. So you'd have to run 2 cm narrower tyres. i.e. 215 tyres and maybe more neg camber.

Am I right guys? I've read a lot in the last few days about offsets.

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