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R33 Gts-t S1

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Pete selling already???

this is like one of the cleanest skylines going around at the moment iv seen it in person when getting my car serviced and this thing sounds and apparently goes very good for the few mods that it has, my mechanic tells me.

Petes looked after it very well in the time he has had it, and i know it has never been thrashed!!

this wont last people all it needs is rego, for under $13500 you will have a very nice trouble free skyline.

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Petes looked after it very well in the time he has had it, and i know it has never been thrashed!!

my mate is interested in this car just posting for him he is after a cheap skyline.

its says well looked after never thashed.he wants to no why it has a hicas lock if it was never thashed.how bad is the dent is it anything to worry about for daily driving till he has more money to fix it

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The dent is hardly anything, its roughly 30cm long from point to point starts at nothing to about 3cm deep at the end right near the tailight

(picture a dent from hitting a guard rail at low speed) the paint is all still on it apart from a tiny bit flaking off at the end near taillight but thats only visable when really looking close. I was quoted roughly 500 when i had a panel beater look at it but thought the money would be better spend elsewhere and never had it fixed,it didnt bother me enough.

The hicas lock is purely because if you have driven an r33 with hicas youll know you either like it or LOATHINGLY HATE IT haha, i hated it so i removed it.

Another thing situations have somewhat changed a little so a update to price

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    • Oof, glad that it seems have gone much better than it could have. I have seen some pretty terrible tow truck handling just as a bystander. Zero fvcks given and no regard for the cars at all. Also broke down with fuel pump issues the other week as the wiring was on its way out. Roadside assistance guy used to have a Skyline and was looking at Stageas on the market. The tow truck driver also used to own a high powered Skyline and was telling stories about that. Apparently too fast to have any issues with being pulled over... Makes all the difference dealing with people who actually know their cars and care.
    • I had quite the scare last night. I was on the highway just toying around with an Audi. Right after an extended WOT pull, I lost all power. I cruised to a stop on the side of the highway and realized I had no fuel pressure. I keyed on/off a few times and could hear both pumps priming but pressure was still non existent. When you need a towing on a highway in Quebec, it's an automatic call to the provincial police. They don't mess around, they'll gladly destroy your car to get it off the highway asap. I pulled my bumper off as quickly as I could as to not have it destroyed getting it onto the truck. I got lucky as the tow driver was a car guy. He entertained the police while I finished up popping my bumper off and sticking it in my window. As we started taking off, the police drove by the tow driver to tell him we couldn't leave with the bumper sticking out the window. He pulled off on the first exit he saw, did a u turn and got right back on the highway in the direction of home lol.  With no leak insight, the only thing I could think of was a torn FPR diaphragm or a popped hose inside my fuel tank. This morning on removal of my Radium twin pump hanger, one pump hose was completely shredded and the other was on the verge of the same fate. Both hoses had swelled to double their size... I have no idea how I ended up not using submersible hose but clearly that's what happened. To make things even worst, Radium supplies submersible hose with the hanger... So either they supplied the wrong hose or I had the wrong hose laying around when I assembled it.  Looking over logs, my fuel pressure dropped to 0 roughly 10 seconds after a WOT pull. I was cruising and I'm confident the motors fine. Had that happened 10 seconds earlier, I'd more then likely be pulling the motor out. New hose arrives tomorrow, I'll put it back together then. 
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    • Welcome to SAU, they really are more fun manual
    • Any pics of that R34 console conversion?  I've been thinking this would be close, but if you have pics, that's easier than going to bother the local guy with an R34. You won't believe this, but I'm building your twin in Florida!
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