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Excessive Blow By

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hey there,

i got r33 gts-t 372hp atw on standard internals, and lately there is a lot of blow by oil coming through air filter, i installed catch can but its a dodgy one where oil and air are not separated so oil just gets sucked back into air filter and leaks through air filter...its like prolly at least half a litre of blow by, but when reving the car at neutral there is not any traces of oil so prolly happens on high boost (16psi through high mounted t-57 ITS turbo)...is the engine on the way out? car still seems to go same as before, is it time for rebuilt?


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That happened in the first motor we had before we found out the ringland was cracked on the piston. Infact, we were making roughly the same power too, and the car would still pull and idle find. It didn't even seem as though there was an issue at all. I would go to a leakdown or compression test immediately.

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