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  1. Removed pointless posts. If I CBFd working out how to warn people, I'll go and do it later. Keep childish workshop warrior to Zip Ties facebook group. Going to pay the legal bills when the site owner gets taken through the legal wringer because of it? There have been a number of issues over the year with legal action due to users thinking they can just spew whatever rubbish around they want. So until someone wants to pay the bills - the rules will be followed - and that is zero tolerance to slander. You get a court ruling backing up your story (AKA, the Edward Lees stuff), go for your life as it's no longer someones mates, 3rd cousins story.
  2. Knock off the bullshit and trolling or whoever does it next, gets a month long holiday.
  3. Quite often pricing can change without notice as a business, as opposed to a private seller. If this happens, you'd need to go back to all forums you sponsor to alter the price in addition to anywhere else you list it (ebay, facebook or otherwise). That's quite a bit of work. So it makes logical sense for some of them to do this. If the business selling price went up by $20, you called up and said "but I saw XXX price here", you've gotta honour or have an unhappy customer.
  4. Indeed. And as above, popped cooler hose = car wont drive. So if it's driving, logical to deduce that turbo has failed
  5. Will have it this evening the exact link - doing a trial run
  6. Also bringing back a lot of old-school style cruises using routes people just don't go these days (but are still, awesome). I'll be running most of them where I can, drives will be good and open to non-members via a gold-coin donation/temp membership
  7. Well you certainly won't break a wheel bearing given you hardly raced last year and aren't this one
  8. If we wanna talk expensive, my RS29s were $500 for the fronts, work amaze Anyway on topic, DS2500 are good pad on a budget, should be around $220 for a front set
  9. f**k it, I'm out. EVO diff repair won't be ready till Mid Feb. I'll still come down and volunteer/help as required.
  10. Ok so 2016 brings with it - SAU-Vic old school cruises. I will try and run most of them where I can. They will be doing a lot of routes that the common cruises these days do not and likely routes you probably haven't really taken before. A lot of these we did circa 6-10 years ago and were always a good fun time on great roads. The first one is as follows: When: Thurs 28th Jan - POSTPONED, New Date TBA Shortly Time: Kick off 8pm, departing at 8.15pm SHARP. First Meet Point: Melb Zoo - Map location to come Where are we headed: Towards Sunbury and across to finish in northern suburbs. The actual route you'll find out on the night as we will give out maps. FAQs Can non-club members come? Yes, absolutely. All that is required is a gold coin donation and you will be a 24-hr member of SAU-Vic. We need you to fill out a basic information form and you then receive a map/instructions etc. At the end of the year ALL of the money from the cruises will be donated to the Royal Children's Hospital as a donation. So you are helping a good cause simply by coming for a drive. If I am a member, do I need to give a gold coin donation? Not a cent. You are more than welcome to donate money (that goes to charity) if you wish, either way you'll get a map without any issues. Extra information!!!! - You must be a SAU-Vic member to drive (or, have given a donation for a map). We will be noting down everyone's details so we have a record of everyone that attended etc - This is meant to be a fun cruise, so we shall have fun! Good roads, good people - happy days. Any other questions post away!
  11. But yes, 100% - you will NEVER regret a front diff upgrade - as long as you have done the rear. Simple some of the best mods you can do to a GTR if you are aiming to enjoy the driving of it
  12. Hurry up and get your car together, I'll come to Syd and go for a buzz (and of course sink a pile of piss somewhere)
  13. Angle grinder or tin snips. Take as much/close as you can basically. I used an angle grinder, because power tools.
  14. Pretty much anyone who does track days down here mate, has cut them off their cars, whatever model/make they may be. You cant get ducting working that well generally with them anyway. Weird it's a SA defect item. I mean, if you cut them do it looked factory... They wouldn't even know?
  15. None, you don't have a shield on the outside of the rotor
  16. Ah, yeah ok. See what you mean. It's more protected there I guess with that heat shield on - or could be, because the heat is being kept in But 100% cut the shields off, if doing brake ducting that'd also be good
  17. Not sure what you're asking from the pics? Nothing looks out of place either way. And also, next time you can - cut off the shield on the inside face off the rotor. It just keeps the heat in
  18. 2500s shouldn't squeal at all, mine didn't when I had the GTR and now in the HSV. That said, if you put them old rotors, that'll be partly the reason. Make sure you put the anti squeal shims in etc.
  19. They were also doing them with H-Pattern boxes lol. You've also got another choice - Samsonas. Quite a few WTAC cars this year were running them, I suspect they are part sponsoring a few cars to get the name out there - logical business sense. So not sure how good or not good they are, certainly something to look into given local support etc. Albins also have been doing good work and releasing various upgrades to lots of boxes lately, which is interesting.
  20. Have a good look just before/after resonators/mufflers. Usually it's given away by a small reduction in the outside pipe diameter, it drops down just a bit. Not always the case but the vast majority of (quiet) Jap exhausts I've seen have it done this way if you cannot see the obvious one from the rear end. Pretty easy to confirm restriction on dyno anyway, just drop the exhaust post-dump, see what happens
  21. $100? What's delivery? + exchange rate, sounds like it'd be more? OEM from Nissan AU is only $140... Well, that's what I paid when I got mine for my RB26 5 years ago, I doubt it's gone up too much in price.
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