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R32 And R33 Coilovers

Dee 33

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Hey guys.

I've been looking at second hand coilovers on eBay. I'm come across a few now that have said "This suspension was designed for an R32 but will fit an R33" or vice versa.

What I want to know is, in people's experiences are theses items actually interchangable?

One eBay'er who I asked the question to said that the only difference is that R33's suspension is designed to be a little harder due to the extra weight of the car but due to the suspension packages being pretty hard anyway, it should fit on my R33 quite well.

I'm just a little confused. Any insight it much appreciated as I'm really keen to get something decent handling for my car. 240rwkw is all fun and everything, but when you can't corner it kinda sucks.

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the strut tops are diferant.

but you can rotate them to suit. the shock body is longer in the 33.

but if there height adjustable that can be fixed.

the valving shouldnt mater because youl probably change the springs anyway. hopfully they use a standard 65mm id or 60mmid spring( not the ghey taperd tein type)

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The R32GTST fronts will fit the R33GTST.

GTR's fronts are not interchangeable with GTST's, the spring rates are way too high.

The R32GTST rear shocks wil not fit R33GTST, the R32 shocks are much shorter.

:( cheers :D

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