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Blitz Dsbc Spec S On Gtr

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hey guys

iv just bought a blitz dsbc spec s boost controller from auto barn

for my r32 gtr.

i got the boys there to install it and they couldnt get it working correctly

it keeps ove rboosting over 20psi they tried everything!!

they got the t piece coming off the the actuators

has anyone experienced this on there gtr or put one in?

can anybody shed some light for me??


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Its very easy to hook up.

You T the two hoses going to the wastegate actuators into the inlet for the wastegate part on the unit. Then there another hose which measures boost ? And i think thats all.

If you have it connected up properly, try driving around with the gain and the other setting at 0. It shoudlnt go above actuator boost pressure

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Hi mate.

This is for a greedy profec b spec 2 an r33 gts-t.

I can only think of a couple of reasons for the over boosting prblms that u r xperiencing.

This is based on my own experiences.

1.The pressure source for the in car unit is teed from a point that is allready being used for other purposes.I.E from the fpr pressure source.I had it teed from that location in the first instance by advan performance..

2.The air filters are those high flowing sard ones with mesh inserterd at the top.But this is highly unlikely and i am just making it a point because the problem went away at the same time i changed the pressure source and went back to the stock air filter and air box setup.

Or 3.The unit is basically rooted.

But in my case i belive that the unit itself was getting a reading from a 3 peice t which also supplies air/vac for the fpr(fuel pressure reg).

Now when the unit was turned off it ran at stock psi and held if no probs.This is what leads me to believe that it was teh source of the pressue.

This and also the unit being dialled in properly

i.e turn back the settings that you have made if they make irradic spastic boost occur.When u change the pressure source start the settings off at zero on the boost controller..u will see.

The point that i found worked was the top line leading to the air conditioner condenser/cylinder thingy (as seen in the illustarted pic) :P.

The boost controllers solenoid needs to have pressure,usually straight from the intercooler pipe there is a t peice that is the best place.And the other line should lead to the actuators,and,i guess seen as though it is a twin turbo it will need a t peice leading to them..

You will have a better response in the maitinance section i think mate.


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there are actuators for the turbos.They controll wastegate flow in the turbos.which get their commands from the boost controller.

There is also an actuator/solenoid for the boost controller unit to controll.Much like the stock solenoid but with the difference that boost can be controlled via the in cabin unit.

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i was just looking at it b4 and der is a black hose which connect to both turbos would dat be the correct pressure source

and b4 i had it connected to one of the black hose which one them were connected to da old solinode

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I have the SpecR, My pressure sorce is coming from the fuel pressure regulator (for the boost read out). And for the wastgate, i have one line coming from the bottom of the plenum, and that goes to the "in" connector on the solenoid. And the outline goes to the acuators, i still use the standard lines (appart from the vacume line from the fuel pressure regulator)

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well that is all i can suggest.Try it,what have u got to loose.

If ur running the new boost controller on the old solenoid then u have a problem.It theoretically shouldnt work because the controller will have nothing to hook into..

Turbo wastegate actuators are fed by the boost controller actuator and the boost controll actuator gets it's pressure from the inlet pipe leading to the plenum.Then the in cablin boost contorller gets it's vaccume from a plenum pressure source i.e: air con line leading to the carbon canister.or in ur case from the fpr pressure source.

Since i changed from the fpr pressure source to the air con carbon canister line pressure source i hold boost rock solid with no drop off.I also had to retune the controller once i found the new press source.I think that when it has an independant line for pressure and it doesnt share there is more room for accuracy,and,the unit has nothing else interfearing with it's signal vacume source.

hope that helps.

I am no expert.

See the pic in my first big post!!!!!!!!!!!

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If your hold the 2 buttons in for ~2 secs, it will bring up the gain menu. I have mine set on 2 (best to start from 0 and work up), and I have my boost level set ~55 that gives me ~0.9 bar of boost through the gears, and ~0.8 for overtaking.

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This is my pressure source. It's at the back of the plenum. The pipe on the other side of the engine that your's is plugged into is the BOV recircilation, so you have no pressure to shut the wastgate untill the BOV opens.


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