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Power Fc Problem


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Hi guys

Just wondering if any of you have heard of this problem before. Today when my car went on the dyno to get tuned, they couldnt do anything because the hand controller displayed a whole bunch of zeros. Even though it was idling, revs were zero, timing zero. Everything. If the tuner changes any values, everything is set back to zero once the car is turned off.

Background info:

Car is an R32 Gts4 with an RB26 conversion that I'm just finishing up. The Power FC i bought from someone on this forum, and the hand controller was borrowed from a workshop in Perth. From memory the PowerFC version was 4.something and the hand controller version was 3.8 or something like that.

I did a search and found that the reset thing is not unheard of, and someone else suggested that in engine swaps the relay for the ECCS is wrong/faulty (I dont understand that and I couldnt find the thread again to re-read it).

Can anyone shed some light on what might be wrong?

Perhaps I will have to borrow someone else's handcontroller? I don't mind buying one but I need to find out what the prob is first.

Any help much appreciated,


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