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Trying To Get Dr Drift To Coffs Harbour


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Hi, I am trying to get Dr Drift to come to Coffs Harbour to do some remapping of Nissan ECU's for us. We are looking at possibly February/March for the remapping. I am seeing what interest we have to see if it is worth while for Sam to come up. Sam is keen to come we just need the numbers.

The remapping will be carried out in real time and if we get him to come the tuning will be done on a brand new AWD mainline dyno.

He can tune a lot of Nssan ECU's

RB20DET - R32, Cefiro, GTR

SR20DET - S13, S15 (some S14 need to discuss with sam) GTIR, Bluebird

CA18DET - S13

If you want any more info email Sam (Dr Drift) - [email protected] or ph 0425818755

or email myself Brett on - [email protected]

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nytrda - We are looking at some time around February/March, to get him to Coffs Harbour, just getting numbers at the moment to see if we have enough cars to make this happen. I certainly want it to happen.

Email me and I will give you my mobile number so we can talk about it.

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