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Mini Truck On Bags (mazda Bravo)

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Item:Mazda Bravo 92


Item Condition:Good

Reason for Selling:Cant use this car for work.

Price and Payment Conditions: $15,000

Extra Info:

- f,b,s,s bag system x4 switches

- 9 gallon tank

- 3 1/2 cfm electric compressor

- 1/2 inch lines

- ft Canterlever Four link

- tray has been shaved

- tray handle has been shaved and handle is inside tailgate

- shaven door locks and aerial

- kenwood tv/dvd screen with dvd player

- custom paint job

- custom fuel tank in the back of the ute

- 17'' centerline (billet) wheels

- 86 chrome front grill

- 4 runner bumper

- 150,000k's

- Decent amp running pioneer speakers and 2 splits

- custom billet chrome mirros

- rego till may

Contact Details:

Mike 0414 504 064





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