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R32 Starting Problems.

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Hey ppl,

got a problem that is really annoying and puzzling. I had my alarm/immobilzer system put in and ever since i've had starting problems. (What happens is that when i turn the key the car just keeps on cranking for a few seconds then it picks up but it sounds like the car is about to stall for about 5 seconds and then it will start fine, SOMETIMES I GOTTA STEP ON THE ACCELERATOR OTHERWISE IT WILL STALL) I called the NRMA and he rekons the immobilzer that was attached to the fuel pump was causing some problems and that it was fault. So i had the alarm guy come back and check out the situation and he rekons all was good. But he then connected the immobilzer directly to the fuel pump instead of thrgough the computer (WE'LL THATS WHAT HE SAID)


I duno if its got to do with anything but when i bought the car the guy put in the new battery for me but it dosen't look like its a great battery, its small and all. Is it possbile that it could be the battery.???

any info on this situation would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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It's possible but not probable ( IMO ). Go to an Auto Elec and get them to do a load / diagnostic check on your battery to be sure.

I used to have a "Touchtech" 3 point immobilizer in my line and it caused me HEAPS of problems !! Could be the alarm unit itself or more likely the installation if it's not the battery.

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