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Hks Mushroom Air Filter For Sale

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I have 2 HKS mushroom type air filter for sale.

The first one has everything you need for RB25DET. You can bolt it straight on. You may use it with other engine as it has adapter. The filter element is in good condition and clean. The only defect is there is a damage on the neck of the adapter. The airfilter is still useable, but you may need to pay attention to the damage, or you can do a little bit work to fix it.

The other 1 is a HKS DD(direct drive) filter. I want to replace the above on with it but it's NOT suit RB25DET. It may suit RB20 or SR20 but I'm not sure. Otherwise it's in perfect condition.

I'm looking for $20 for the first one, $40 for the second one, or $50 for both. And because I'm going to overseas at the 1st of Feb so if you want it please pay/pick up before that day. If no one interested, well, we will see them in the rubbish bin.

Contact Alex at 0421668965 or email: [email protected]

From the following pics, you can see the damage, and the damage when the rubber fit in. You also can estimate how long between the screws. (For HKS Direct Drive filter, it's a A4 paper)



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