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Went To Wakefield Park Yesterday.


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Yeah as the title says.

On my way there it looked as thought the low clouds were going to put a dampener on the day,not to worry though i had my stockies at the ready for some drift action.

Though good that it didnt rain or even sprinkle at any time of the day.I was halfway there and the low lying clouds and fog dissapeared and there ws just sun sun sun.

When i arrived i had allready missed the 1st session out,but was in time for the second one.I used this as a getting to know the track laps.On the third session out it was still cool/warm and the track surface wasnt at hot/scorching temps,this is where i posted my fastest lap of the day @ 1:15.5.

During miday to mid afternoon it got really hot and the car was at near boiling temp 93deg/c,at times,warrenting cooldown laps before i got back into it.That heat saw the average times drop a little.Pretty much at the hight of the heat of the day the tyres were soft as a mofo and i hit the rev limiter of the pfc in 2nd spinning the tyres when taking off at the start line.Usually it is just a bit of spin then chirp chirp into 2nd gear.

Add to that the ammount of bugs that were on the track it was phenominal.I colleceted way more bugs on the track that day than i have ever collected from driving on the road my entire life.At the end of every session i was picking the caked on bugs out of the intercooler.

The cars on the track were at a minimum with about 4-5 cars out max throughout the whole day.

Other cars there consisted of a 02wrx with light mods and dunlop somthing 'o' rathers,current model mr2 with semi slicks,a 300rwkw sti road/race car on semis,full race suzuki swift gti on semis,porsche carrera with big brakes and pirelli's,full race old school volvo which was a very fast car a full race spec vk commodore and a dude just out there for some fun in his ford falcon giha.

I got to know the guys there and by the end of the day we all knew each other,and had a great time.

My car was handelling better,with the weight transfer of the car much more predictable in the corners than when it was 2yr's ago which was the last time i went to the track,thanks to whitelines handelling pack.Still though i have the ziex 326's on the front and the federals on the rear all low profile and it held in quite nicely.I cant wait for the upgrade in tyres :P.

It was fun to race the porsche,it was slightly quicker down the straight but not so much that it was pulling 3 car legnths in front.And it did have me under braking it was cornering a little quicker also.I never got to asking him what was done to the car.doh!!

All in all i had a great time.I just wish i had a camera to document the day.

!!When is sau getting a day organised!!

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Road tyres falken ziex 326 17/235/45 front and federal 17/255/40 rear rear gts-t coil over suspension + handeling pack + strut braces.arround 180rwkw stock turbod.I say arround because i cant remember what boost the car was tuned to 2yrs ago.It was on 8psi on the day..

There were allot of drifty corners

Very fun!when the heat overcame the tyres the best i could muster was 1:16:?? morning is the best time of the day to post the best lap times providing you are up to it.

As i was coming down the hill and into the left hand sweeper,that leads to the start of the straight,yeah,i was locking the rears/drifting on occasions and throwing it into 2nd playing with the accelerator smoking the rears then throwing it into 3rd for a little more spin but not all that much.It is really only when the heat of the day kicked in and the tyres were at melting point that they were spinning really easily.

After one session wait for the openwheelers i went back out and at the startline i gave it,it spun first easily and second just as easily all the way to redline with the staple tiny chirp in thrird.

I have noticed since i last went out that the handelling of the car was more predictable.and where i had decent tyres and coil overs last time i went out (2yrs ago),the upgraded handeling of the car just was that much better even with the 2 dollar tyres..Last time the best lap time i posted was a 1:17:??

So given that it was a hot day and shitty tyres i wouldnt mind hitting it in the winter with good tyres.

Oh and the ammount of bugs were phenominal.Ask anyone there that day.

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Those bugs are suicidal.... You'll be picking them out for months to come.

They end up in some really stange places.

Nice time in the heat. B)

I've got a track day down there next week in the Datsun Nationals.

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Competed in the DatNats at Wakefield Park on Friday.

Did a personal best time of 1:16.523, times were measured with transponders,

in my NA auto Zed.

Best time was a Qld Zed that managed a 1:09.811, 377rwkw, almost catching up with Boosted Zed.

I now have another Zed, a twin turbo that has about 290rwkw, so might do better in the future. B)

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