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hey people. I am currently saving my hard earned dollars for a skyline, my current plan is to get a 32 gts-t, but im starting to think if im going to spend the money i might as well go get a GTR 32, or even an R34 because of the similar pricing.

At the moment i have a regular lancer and havnt had a heap of experience with RWD or AWD performance cars, but i have had a little.

My question is, is it an unwise decision to go straight from a FWD wheelbarrow of a car to a GTR or an R34? Just so you know i plan to drive this car on track also.


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I went from FWD to RWD... but to a gtst.

Many people here say to young inexperienced drivers to not have a turbo car, to gain some experience then buy a good car. But if you've been driving for a few years and have a good head on your shoulders, I don't see it as being dangerous.

Just take it easy and know your boundaries, until you understand the car a bit better

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