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Wtb: Broken Afm For Rb25det


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Hi guys,

I am after a broken AFM for the RB25DET... doesn't have to be in working order, doesn't even need to have the insides (I will be smashing the insides out anyway). I need it to maintain the space between the turbo duct and my Pod Filter box after I remove the AFM whilst running MAP sensing.

If you have one lying around that is of no use, please shoot me a PM... keen to take it off ya!

If all else fails, I'll make a pipe up ;)



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I'm thinking that if I can't find one, I'll just take the easy way out and get 3.5" alloy pipe, and whack it in as the new intake.

Problem will be welding the holes required for the two metal "tubes" running off it :D I'm so god-damn technical this morning aren't I?

Danielson; that space save is still here waiting for you :)

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