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Like i said... i did mine in italian leather before i got my pleather seat covers.... its not very hard.... actually eaiser than you think... the result is pretty good too


the red on the doors matches the seats perfectly... i did front and back and removed old trims...


i can explain how to do it yourself if you want to have a go... or ill work for beer :thumbsup:

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im not promising a showstopping interior but by my 4th trim it was pretty damn good....

It will take between half a day to a bit more to sit down and do properly... but seeing as i get mid week RDO's ive got time during the week if you guys want to leave your trims with me...

A case or two should do it.... One case of Hoegaarden would go down perfectly i think! a slab or two of carlton would also do the trick.... you could just give me cash if you didnt want me drinking on the job (kiddin)... but im pretty easy..whatever ya want to offer i guess...i dont know how much a professional would charge? a few hundred easy i think!.

Depends how quick you guys want it done, and how long it takes me i guess.. ?

Both leather? and you'll supply the material too? ive got all the tools and knowledge :P

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