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Very Heavily Modded R33 Gtst

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guys its time to let go of the skyline, as i am not gettin any younger and need to start seriously looking at buying a house and land.. it sucks but im sure someone will give her a good home..

the car is a 94 r33 gtst, i have had it 2 n half years, got bored and put a fullly rebuilt highly modded engine in it.. the new engine has done about 30-40 hours driving, car has been off the rd for 8 months due to a yellow sticker, and i have a work car so it has been under a cover, the whole checklist is crossed to get it over the pits, and the small things wrong, cf bonnet, wastegate screamer, ect have all ben made so they can be put back as they were after the pitts... so the car currently has no licence and rego, but like i said it is ready to go str8 over... dont try to barter me down because it is unlicened as im not a fool and it wont cost much to pay the rego.. and possibly i might take it over pending interests.....interest the car has never been in a show or a mag or down the strip, the car i belive could pull 10's with right tyres,.. it is low tunned at 498hp atw at 19 psi.. garret gt35r can crank it alot more....

************** car will be liceneced in 3 weeks******************

list off modds include

aries87m forged pistons n rings

eagle forged rods

arp head and main studs

tomei poncams

tomei 1.5mm head gasket

acl racing bearings (main and big end)

full nissan gasket kit

os giken twin plate clutch

brand new ally radiator

turbo side

custom hi mount s/s manifold

garret gt35r turbo with braided lines

turbosmart ultragate wastegate

new s/s intercooler piping very shinny)

a/m 80mm throttle body and cable

greddy plenum

hks ssq bov

denso fuel pump

nismo 720cc injectors

new timing belt

big custom s/s/ catch can

wolf3d v4 and hand controller

k & n pod filter


car has brand new anz velvet rims and tyres

gtr kit with l.e.d. indicators,

c/f/ bonnet, plus stock bonnet

small drift wing (painted to be fitted)

Rose Jointed Adjustable Castor Rod (in box)

hicas lock bar (in box)

interior has

indash monitor,

with a sony ps2 slimline (games and dvd's)

power suply

custom blue dash

blue apexi boost gauge

wold hand controller

fixed blue tenzo racing seats

blue dash l.e.d's

roof l.e.d.

has an under engine blue neon too (riceboy)

dead clean and tidy

""""""""""sorry about bung photo's""""""""""""

asking $30,000 flat... no test pilots, bullshiters, dreamers,.... for those who know this car im sure can agree...

for pictures check out http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...howtopic=176744

interstate buyers welcome, can work out transport/price negotiations....


fone..phill... 0438970753

msn [email protected]


whatever your flavour is do it..or pm..me anyone is welcome to come have a look, ect ect

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    • Alot of people don’t let others test drive the car, so wasnt a hige alarm bell to me
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