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Anyone Thinken Of Selling There Wheels?


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As in the WTB section that hardly anyone seems to read. Thanks to the people with offers already

Items Wanted:

18 inch wheels and tyre to suit 33

Prefer something with a dish but open to offers, so if anyone is thinken about selling there wheels, sing out no matter what they are. Have cash waiting, tax time lol. Have 17z if anyone is interested in a part trade also

Contact Details:

PM me

[email protected]

Price and price conditions:

Depends on wheels and tyres

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I have some awesome Enkei Circlars in 17s with some serious dish for $1,000 with 2 very good tyres, 2 buggered tyres

I also have some ROH Blades in 17s for $700 with ok tyres

Honestly 17" are the way to go - in terms of comfort and the price of replacement tyres too. I find 18s and above absolutely ruin ride quality - especially if you have aftermarket suspension.

Feel free to come over and try them on your car if you are keen - I have a nice big trolley jack here :laugh:







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Thanks for the replies fellas, Andrew if those Enkei Circlars were 18z they would be sold, i have pretty much them rims now with the deep dish on there rear and love them, if only they could grow lol!

Dan, go the dish haha! :laugh:

Anyone else have 18z?

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You can have my Wed's SA-70 i have on the way.... But i wont be parting with them under retail price.... 2.2k and their yours.... Without rubber that is

Although i did just sell my wheels, 17x8 all round with regency friendly rubber for $500

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u get them from kansai if so tuff rims!! would u take sexual favours as full payment???

Yeh they are them Danny.

Now about these sexual favours?????????????????????????????

Only for you danny.

Now back to this guy wanting my rims

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Hey dude. Iv got some Bronze lenso's (cant remember what theyr called, starts with an M) 19x8's in practically new condition, nankang ns2's with 80-85%tread left. 245/35's all round.

theyr off my r32, If your interested in going 19's Pm me dude.

And im looking at going 17's by the way in the right design of course


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