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R33 Gtr Skyline Wheels

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SOLD $1300

For Sale - Nissan Skyline R33 GTR wheels. I have a set of 4 for sale.

The wheels are made by BBS, they are a forged alloy wheel, not a cheap cast item.

Condition - These wheels look the same as when they were made, they have no marks on them, no scratches in the paint, no buckles, or even marks from where weights have been fitted. Hopefully the photos can show potential buyers the immacualte condition.

Size - 17 x 9 inches

Offset - +30

Stud pattern - 5 x 114.3

Not attached in photos, but these wheels do come with Genuine centre caps, will also provide chromed valves.



post-34017-1185446104_thumb.jpgpost-34017-1185446126_thumb.jpg post-34017-1185446175_thumb.jpgpost-34017-1185446197_thumb.jpg

Please note the condition of the whole wheel, not just the face - stud holes, inside edges, outside edges.

These wheels fit almost all RWD Japanese cars and 4WD Nissans. They are the perfect upgrade for GTR, GTS-T, Silvia, S14, S14, R34 GTT, and many others.

Weight - Without tyres I have found each wheel to be 10kg.

Location - Sydney, Thornleigh area (2120). Sorry, no interstate sales, must meet in person.

Price - $1400

Contact details - Please reply to the thread, or send me a PM. I will reply usually within 1 or 2 days. I will give my mobile number to interested buyers.

At the moment no tyres are included in the sale, but I am trying to obtain some brand new 235/45/17 Pirelli Pzero tyres. These will be included but at a increased price rate (still cheaper than retail).


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Well, it depends on how much the tyres cost me. My mates dad works for Pirelli in the Motorsport division and is fairly high up.

So hopefully I should be able to get the brand new tyres for about $200 for all 4... and I will only add whatever the tyres cost me to the price.

Retail they are like $300 each, So they will be a bargain.


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DAMN if u can get sum new rubber that price ill buy some of yah

As much as I would love to get people tyres at that price... I can't.

But if you want cheap rubber and don't want the wheels, it may be worth your while to buy the wheels with the tyres when I get them, then resell the wheels at a cheaper price than I'm asking.

Ronin 09 - No these wheels haven't been repainted... But yes they have been powder coated, they were in perfect condition before but they weren't silver...

They should stay in this condition for many years to come. Done properly - Acid cleaned before powder coating.

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