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what product is everyone using for their leather?

Im using meguiars leather protectant is that any good??

I heard that saddle care products are the best but not to sure if it is to strong for auto leather.

any recommendations?

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what about for suede protection?

i was contemplating spraying that leather/suede protector stuff on it that you can get to waterproof your shoes but i am not sure if its a good idea or not..

i used meguiars protectant on the leather parts of my seat...

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awesome, i was hoping someone would say it was a good idea :(

Hmmmmm, sounds like you had already done it and were starting to .......... yourself just in case it wasn't a good idea :laughing-smiley-014:

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ok, i used the suede water protecting stuff on the seats today..

the sets feel exactly the same as per before, and there was no change in the colour of the suede or anything. in fact, its impossible to tell that i've even sprayed them..

i'm letting them dry fully overnight tonight

i didn't use it on the leather as its pretty resiliant anyway. i just used leather conditioner/protectant

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