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I need this stuff gone, sitting in garage and I am never going to use it. The items are for the Nissan Auto-box, I think the model is RE401A? I have had it in an R33 box. I know it also fits 31/32 box also.

Item: ~3000rpm Mall (more?) Stall from AllFast

Condition: Excellent. Used for under 3000km's

Price: Paid $700, looking for whatever someone is willing to offer. $350ono for arguments sake

Location: Perth, will post at buyers expense.

Comments: I have a mall-stall here from All-Fast, you can see about 2800rpm out of it (I have 4.11s and GT30R with 0.82r and saw this) and I only had it in car less than 3000km's before changing gearbox's. It gets rid of slip and makes a massive difference to performance. Good upgrade for any standard auto running a little extra power. Make me whatever offer I just want it gone!!!

Item: Shift kit from XSpeed

Condition: Excellent. Used for under 600km's

Price: Paid $450, looking for $250ono

Location: Same as above

Comments: Shift kit is from XSpeed. Makes a massive improvement to shift time and performance and will save your box over long term. This was used for about 6000km's before I changed box. Its just a direct change of valve body from your standard one. I paid $450, but also just want it gone.

I'm in perth. I can get pictures later tonight if really needed but there aint much to look at.

Contact: Matt

PM me on here, or email me [email protected]




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