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Rb20det Problems

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ok so ive got an rb20det silvia. Its standard at the moment save for the exhaust and pod filter. Im having 2 problems first cold start is at 1800rpm and drops to 1500 after cold start

and second it has a constant miss and nothing i do seems to fix it

now i have got

.65 gapped plugs as recommended by hyperdrive

jjr coilpacks brand new

afm is workiong fine (swapped with amtes and no differenece)

changed ignitor module to no avail

changed wiring

injectors have been cleaned and serviced all flowing prperly

bosche 040 and is working

ive been through just about everything i can think of and its not helping if anyone has any idea please help!



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Rewind a couple of days/weeks back to when you gapped the plugs. Undo that, put back the standard coils, put your original AFM in, put in the original PTU and wiring and actually diagnose the problem first....then replace parts.

First...locate the missfiring cylinder.

Do a search and you find plenty of info on how to do this.

Once the cylinder is found, there will only be fuel, spark or compression causing it to missfire, do some test to find out which and you're home and hosed.

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idles been high since i recevied it back from teh auto leccys who wored in some knock sensors but befoire then it would idle differently everytime you turn it on or off =s

the missfire isnt packs plugs or anything like that if it was that trust me itd be eliminated im sure it must be a vac leak =s

but thanks for the suggestion ill give it a whirl

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