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Fluro Media Vest..

Black Widow

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Hey guys,

I'm on the lookout for a fluro media vest that i could borrow for this weekend to use at the Project D Drift Club drift day (wow that's a mouthful) at Oran Park.

Does anyone have one i could borrow?



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nah doubt they'll have media on them! just find out with the people who run the events to se eif you need it on, past events I have been to the photographers have just had fluro vests with nothing else on them!

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Mate i know they wont have "Media" on them when i buy them lol. I was asking if the vest needs media on it for the event. And when you wrote back for example "I think they do" i would've said "ok well thanks anyway"


Since you have informed me that they may not need it. I will check with the organisers and go to bunnings lol

Thankyou very much mate!

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