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Fs: Nissan 1990 180sx Minus Running Gear

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For Sale Got a 180sx shell that needs a new home as I don't have the time to give it work it needs.

It's a 1990 model minus the following;

- Front bar

- Motor (ca18det)

- Gearbox

- Diff

- Front Calipers

- exhaust & cooler

What it does come with;

- Bodykit (includes sideskirts and rear pods) not sure of brand but seen them before.

- faded leather interior (a clean and a hit of vinyl spray will bring it back to it's former red glory)

- Ca radiator

- Ca manual gearbox mount and tailshaft

- Paint I would describe as above average, I believe it does have 1 or 2 small scrapes down the drivers side which can get pics if needed, but definitely nothing major.

- Car wiring loom and gear is all there.

- suede steering wheel which needs a clean.

- Z32 Rotors

- Full rear brakes, lines and calipers/rotors

- Power Steering pump and lines still connected

- Brake and clutch master cylinders

Reason for sale

Originally purchased to build a drift pig, but could easily be put back on road by throwing a drivetrain into it as the car is full complied.

Price - $1750ono going cheap (no dreamers please, only enquire if you are interested, this is a great basis for a road or track car).

Location - Near Hornsby

Contact via PM for viewing, available most days after 5.30pm and on weekends, all by appointment.


Pictures (I have more but photobucket is closed for maintenance at the moment, will post later)





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