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Fs. Lights, Meters And A Few Leftover Bits (warning Dial Up Ppl, Lots Of Pics!)

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Hi everyone, doing a bit of a clean out mainly skyline parts but some S13 180sx stuff. prices are negotiable.

Everything can be picked up in Kyogle, (North-east NSW, near Lismore). Email me: [email protected] or PM here, home phone (02)66333131

I can post things but especially the R33 lights are a little big so would probably cost $20 or so to post.

Ok, Skyline parts 1st...

I now have 3 pairs of headlights and no R33... long story... ><

NO cracks in the lenses. NO yellow/sun damage. please see pics or email me for hi rez ones. Bulbs are in some of these but i have not tested them. i used flash so the dust shows up too :happy:

R33 Headlights, Series 2. They have some small stone marks on the surface, i think could be polished or fine sanded out as they are very shallow, and one of them has a lower mounting point broken (please see the pic). $400 the pair




R33 headlight pair, S1, black surround. small crack on a top mounting point, difficult to see please look at the blue circle mark. $250 pair



R33 headlight pair, S1, Silver/chrome surround, great condition $300 pair from a 4 door i think.


R32 GTR indicators. top bracket damaged please see the pic. (replaced with new ones on my old GTR) Lenses are great. $120 each


R32 GTST indicators. one orange, one part clear pair (DIFFERENT to GTR... they will NOT fit a GTR) bought for my GTR off a dodgy seller on eBay... $120 orange pair, $100 for the clear (please note the small crack in one lense)

post-21158-1249714864_thumb.jpg post-21158-1249714910_thumb.jpg

Triple guage clusters. R32GTR X2, R33GTR and R34 GTST. I bought these some time ago to play around with to use in a S13 experiment/project (ended up using a 32 GTR one as it was easy to wire up.) the R32 clusters have a little fade on the needles and the side mounting points are slightly split on both (i removed these points on the one i fitted to my car as they wouldent fit in my brackets anyway).

$65 each for the 32 clusters, plastic is a little scrached but not deep.

$120 for the 33GTR one and

$100 for the R34 unit. (not GTR...!) this does NOT fit in a standard dinn slot like the 32 and 33 ones.

post-21158-1249716180_thumb.jpg post-21158-1249715184_thumb.jpg post-21158-1249715354_thumb.jpg

Bendix ultimate front brake pads for R32 GTR (not brembo). $100

other bits

GREDDY electronic boost guage with "stuff" to connect it. was on a suzuki cappa of all things in its previous life. Its a bit old but was working fine when removed. the white face surround ring has a few small marks. $120


Cusco castor rods from a 180sx. Im told that they will fit R32s and some other cars but im not sure, please PM or email if you like me to measure them. $200


Other misc stuff please PM if you would like pics/details. 180sx rear sway bar heavy, side skirts and rear spoiler in black, type X tail lights, 300ZX brakes redrilled for 4 stud etc... ( actually a whole non compliable NA 300zx in the shed too...)

thanks for looking.

martin marschall

[email protected]



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to the top... :)

S2 R33 headlights ON HOLD pending payment

Clear indicators R32 ON HOLD pending payment

1 of the R32 GTR triple meters sold/posted

Had some interest but everything else is still here!

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Hi everyone, not sure why but it wont let me edit the 1st post at the moment so adding here...

R33 S2 lights are sold

R32 GTST orange indicators sold

Cusco rods sold

1 GTR32 triple gauge sold

300zx brakes sold

1 GTR indicator on hold

Boost gauge on hold

everything else is still here! make an offer :)

Thanks for looking,


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the cusco tension/caster rods WILL NOT FIT R32s for the following reasons

1. the bushing is not wide enough and requires a custom spacer

2. the studs aren't long enough to go through the thicker than s13 front lower arms, and can't be replaced

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Thanks for the info Frank. :)

Items still for sale are:

R33 headlights silver $300

R33 headlights black $250

GTR32 indicator $100

GTS-t clear drivers indicator $75

GTR32 triple gauge cluster (dinn size) $65

GTR33 triple guage cluster (dinn size) $120

GTR32 Bendix front brake pads $100

A lot of 180sx parts (type x tail lights etc) and most of the 300zx wreck (including AFM)

the R32 GTSt clear indicator pair are still on hold pending payment...

thanks for looking,


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi everyone,

Headlights all sold. Im over in japan now (teaching English for a year). I will be back for a holiday in Feb. :)

If anyone wants any bits off yahoo auctions let me know but keep in mind postage is EXPENSIVE. (i dont charge for my time, but private individuals only).

I will try and buy some of the clear indicators here as there were so many people interested.

The remaining parts are packed up and can be posted by my father if there is a buyer:

GTR32 indicator $100

GTR32 triple gauge cluster (dinn size) $65

GTR32 Bendix front brake pads $100

Z32 afm is back on sale $200

Thanks for looking,


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