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What Bodykit Is This?


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Well guys, im thinking about buying myself a 34 conversion kit as my xmas present for my stagea which i should pick up from shogun sometime next week, What i am wondering though is what side skirt is on this car as it looks different to anything else i have seen before..


And this is the kit i want to get from CCUBED down in sydney, obviously this side skirt is alot more 'bulky' or is it just the wheels are stock?

post-64549-1249871558_thumb.jpg post-64549-1249871596_thumb.jpg



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definatly a different side skirt dude, look at the first pic, then look at the third.

In the first pic, the skirt pulls in toward the body a fair bit where as the third pic shows the skirt keeping a pretty straight (bulky) line.

The first one looks really good, and the front end conversion on both is very well done

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