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  1. Car looks great man, curious to know how you went about attaching the skirts to the underbody?
  2. Most quality wrap films will leave minimal adhesive residue when removed withn a year or 2 of application, various factors can affect how much is left behind such as how the vehicle is kept, ie; left out doors all day/night vs garaged. The longer a film is on for, the more likely it is to leave residue, however it is still possible to remove it all. There are various adhesive removing solutions available that we use for removing old graphics etc... when necessary.
  3. Number 2 is completely false. If the paint is in good factory condition, there should be no damage to the paint work, issues arise when vehicle owners don't tell wrappers (or don't know) that they've had panel/paint work done and the preparation has been dodgy in which case paint can be removed when removing the vinyl. Factory vehicle paint shoud grip the surface of the vehicle at somewhere between 10-13kg/cm2 if i'm not mistaken (correct me if im wrong here), Most vinyl adhesives have a grip strength of about 3kg/cm2. If you are damaging/removing paint, you're doing something wrong or there was something wrong with the paint to begin with. Vinyl is NOT designed to be used to cover up crappy paint as if there are any imperfections in the paint, you will see it through the film. It is designed as a long term removable styling option, not a substitue for bad paint.
  4. Plasti Dip is good for badges, it's usefulness ends there. Even the best of jobs are ok at best, try removing the stuff, because it comes out of an aerosol it ends up everywhere. Here's a gtr we fully wrapped in black chrome a few months ago, did a photoshoot yesterday.
  5. In Melb check out either Exotic Graphix, Grafico or Custom Grafix. All more than capable of a paint like finish. If in Sydney, worth Checking out Carbon Demon or Pro Vinyl
  6. What is this best price you speak of, PM if necessary
  7. Am down for this, have not taken the 34 down the strip in my 8 years of ownership (blasphemy i know...) Might have to get myself a helmet though...
  8. As per what Dom said, To give you an idea one of my previous setups was 18x9 + 20 front with 235's which was a pretty flush fit but no guard issues. Currently running 18x9 + 20 with 235's front and 18x10+18 rears with 265's, have had all 4 guards rolled and have no issues , but without the guard work the rear would definitely not have worked.
  9. Jeez had me excited there for a second, though you were interested! Currently running 18x10 + 18s with 265/35/18 tyres. Guards are rolled. This sits pretty much perfectly and naturally cambers in nicely when under load.
  10. Haha, threads a good read. Driving a matte metallic purple 34 certainly doesn't lack attention, which was the idea anyway when wrapping the car given it is a demo vehicle for our shop. But i think the thing that i catch most people, young and old looking at is one of the following: Was at a set of lights in the right lane with the windows down, old guy pulls up next to me and has a look at the text over the front passenger wheel arch. Proceeds to drop his window and ask, "well what is it then? Blood?". As you can imagine i had no idea what he was talking about for the first few seconds til i realized what he'd read (i forget the text is there) Then proceeded to have to explain what a wrap is... for the millionth time. Also once had a kid whom i assume was one of the asian neighbours grandchildren come running out of their house with an ipad as i pulled into my driveway one day, lifts it up, snaps a photo, runs back into the house. But if my 34 doesn't get enough attention we can always jump into my womans jazz.... This is why it gets so much attention: Have lost count of the amount of people taking photos, young and old, whether driving or stationary, kids calling their parents to look, etc... One of the funniest would have to have been driving home one night with the woman, we notice a car load of you girls (p plater) along side us, one passenger lifts an ipad up, positioning it so her head was hidden behind the giant thing, clearly taking a photo of it whilst looking crazy embarassed. That and i was driving it with my lady in the passenger seat heading into the city for dinner, pull up at some lights, windows down, and a magna or something of the sort pulls up next to us checking out the car when we can hear one of the guys pronounce, "oh it's a dude" presumably talking about me, being the driver... I love the look of disappointment on the guys faces when they pull up expecting to see a female driving the car and it's just me, HA!
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