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R33 Skyline. Ready To Race

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Ok, well sadly, my flight training is going to cost roughly $100,000. so biding can start there :lol:

no seriously, $14,000 shipped to your door. NEG

i am in central WA and have been building this car for a long time.

I am more then happy to arrange with prospective buyers a test drive if they desire, i can also have the car taken to Perth for viewing.

I simply no not have the finances to fly planes and drive cars, so the car has got to go.

it has done no more then 10,000k since i bought it.

i have done alot of work on this car, and i have not been able to drive it because of my location.

so, this presents a benefit to you. it can be sent from my location to brisbane for about $1500.

to make this car road worthy all that is required is seatbelts and a passenger seat (the exhaust is a side dump at the moment, however i stil have the old muffler and it just needs piping made to join it back up to make it legal).

while lots of stuff is striped from the car, i still have the majority of it in the shed.

it really is an attractive car, and i am willing to work with anyone who is interested in providing details of interest, also pictures of anything you need, and if you wish to fly here and drive it home that is fine also and the price will be dropped accordingly.

now, the good stuff. this car has:

highmount stainless steel manifold

T04e turbo

35mm external wastegate

screamer pipe

stainless oil catch can

stainless radiator overflow bottle

front sway bar

new bosch 044 in tank fuel pump

blow off valve

new exhaust custom made exiting behind front left wheel, no muffeler, no catalitic converter. 3 inch dia

removed door cards and rear cards

removed roof lining

removed carpet

removed sound deadening

gutted dash

removed dvd player and all sound equipment

"monza" 4 point 2 inch harness

boost guage

transmission cooler


steering wheel



i am seriously in need of cash to get my study underway, so lets get some cash offers going.

i am positive there is more to the car that i have not mentioned, but as i think of it i will add it

this is a serious sale. and i am a committed seller and i will work closely with buyers to ensure satisfaction.


















for any other photos (i have thousands haha) just ask me

and please no slandering, if you dont like it, no worries, i am trying to sell my car as quickly as i can :(

OH and i can arrange freight, or you can, no problem

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