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Help Needed For Blitz Icolour Ebc


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Hi, I recently got my blitz icolour EBC installed onto my GTR32.

The tuner set the boost manually on one of the channels.

However, I want to have a lower boost setting on another channel so I set the Channel to Auto mode. I set the boost amount under the Auto mode to 0.75bar. However, the car does not boost to 0.75bar when on this channel. It gets stuck at 0.5bar.

When I switched it back to the manual channel that the tuner did set at 69 gain (1bar), the car goes to 1bar with no issues. (Except for a big lag - reaches only 1bar at 5k rpm on stock turbos)

I need help to understand why in the Auto mode, my car does not reach the "set" boost level and gets stuck at 0.5bar, which i presume is the stock boost setting. Any insights on how to overcome this problem?

Also, how do I calibrate my speed in my Blitz icolour? My icolour's speed readings are not accurate at all when I do the "drive at 40km/h setting". Anyone knows what is the GTR32's pulse reading?

Thank you!

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i have the same controller - regarding the boost setting my tuner set this to manual mode as the auto mode is not as accurate (u will read this in the supplied user manual)

regarding the speed sensor - forget about that as i emailed blitz direct in japan & they claim that the speed sensor on the gtr is not compatible with the controller? i decided to leave the speed sensor as is

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