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Rb Parts 4 Sale.

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as stated,

1.brand new r32 gtr factory replacement clutch kit (awesome upgrade for rb20 or 25 street car) 750 kg clamp. good for up 2 300hp atw

2.rb20 gearbox, has aftermarket gearset. excellent condition.

3. corbeau race seat brand new carbon/kevlar retrimmed in black leather.

4. 300mm clear dildo shift knob. new but been sitting arround for a while


1. paid 650 from nissan 1 month ago but it will not be big enough for my hp. $400

2. bought off boost 2 months ago for 700 as a spare but now i have decided 2 go to 25 a 25 box $500

3. cost $2500 to buy and have trimmed. offers arround $2000

4. cost me 150 in japan but will sell for $80 or free with the gearbox

location: gold coast

phone or txt 0432227592

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