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Mint Losi Xxl Rc Nitro Truck

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Hi guys,

I'm selling another toy, this time a barely used (under 5 times) Losi XXL Nitro Truck

Comes with

- New and original Shell

- New Fly Sky GT3B remote

- About 1L of fuel

- New 420 series wide tyres and wheels

- Losi Underbody bash plate

- Losi Swaybar kit

- New air filter

- New glow plug

- Heavy duty springs

Absolutely no problems ar all with the servos, motor or anything. No rust.

They run for $1000 new....I'm asking for $500.

Contact: Matt on 04000 23241 or via PM or whatever's easiest

Cheers icon_mrgreen.gif






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    • in reality the new engine was a swap alot because it was brand new vs 3 years old and the other one needing a refresh after wtac anyway but... the 2.8 is obvious capacity etc and will do current power more easily and add some responsiveness not that that was really lacking  the limiting factor with all this atm is injectors (ID1700s at 4 bar base) and turbo (precision 6780) literally being maxed out at bang on 1000hp as thats what the system was designed to do, so to go more need injectors, turbo and  maybe even intercooler but i know a guy that like his power and will see how this all unfolds  it is a rwd drive on an 050 tyre though and i am just a complete amateur so among other things the ability to drive it becomes a consideration also 
    • Not hard. It is a factory option for the car. If you are planning to do the swap yourself and you have to ask if it's hard or not, then it sounds like you will find it quite challenging to do.  Does the budget allow for the purchase of a RB25DET gearbox at the same time? Life will be so much easier if you can swap both the motor and box together, and it's not like your saving yourself any money either, you WILL need the bigger box in future. By doing it now you will save time, money and you won't find yourself broken down at the most inconvenient time in the future.
    • Thanks. That's helpful. Definitely easier to get ones for a Silvia. And this confirms my suspicions that they would work too.
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