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[Wtb] R32 Manual 6K-8K


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Hey guys - looking around for an ok-good condition '32 Manual Skyline. In Sydney, or close by - as long as I get good pics, happy to travel PT and drive it back.

I believe what I'm looking for is half decent for that price.

In particular I'm looking for a GTS-T, but I expect that for an "ok" one I'm looking at the 8 mark.

I nearly bought one for 5,400 2 months ago with a dent in quarter and one damaged (beyond repair) wheel on it, the rest of the car was A1, and had several mods, such as a '33 Turbo, FMIC, aftermarket "sneezing" BOV, with a full black interior.

Only had 6 weeks left of rego though. lol.

I am looking for one with longer rego - October/december-ish...


6-8 K for a GTS-T Manual, ANY COLOUR, No big ass body kit, and I'd prefer the wing still be attached.

But as long as mechanically it's A1 overall, then body damage isn't a biggie.

Thanks guys. :-)

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Will do - lol.

And I'd rather not ruin one that someone's put a lot of love into.

If you buy her and see fatz at a track day, he'll be glad to sit in the passenger's seat and direct you through the best line and gearing.

He's used to that seat anyway!!! ;)

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