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Help Needed, Limp Mode? (Also In Vic Forum)


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Help needed urgently...........

Guys i believe that my car has gone into limp mode , ie not revving past 2000rpm.

Now I went to Scott's place and we did the solder trick on the socket of the AFM (Z32) and swapped it with another one he had at the time and still didnt fix it . we suspected maybe that AFM may of been faulty. Strangely this wouldnt happen cold and would only occur when the car was warmed up and ONLY when restarted ie drive for xkm and then stop and then restart the problem would occur (but not always).

Anyway its been fine for a week or too and in the meantime i bought another z32 AFM as a spare just in case. I decided to change it and it happened last night on the way home (car not warmed up)

Now it happend first time this morning again fine for about 1 minute getting out of garage and up the street and the friggin thing is doing it again....

Does anyone have any idea what I can do as this is driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Its a Nistune, I have replaced the TPS and the problem appears to have gone now. Originally i was getting somewhere in the vicinty of 2.35v at idle on the TPS and now i get .5v. I still have a slightly high idle though and played around with the sliding of the TPS.

This was dicovered by removing the plugs on the TPS and suddenly it would go out of Limp mode...

food for thoughht though i guess.


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0.5v is actually what you want at idle (ideally 0.44-0.46v but as long as it works at 0.5v), 2.35v is practically about 50% throttle so I'm not suprised it went into limp mode.

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