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Where Are All The V36 Sedan Owners At?

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Hey Guys I'll be getting a black V36 350gt sedan soon and am already thinking of modifying the thing! Don't want to over do it though as it's going to be a daily driver/comfortable cruiser.

Things I have in mind so far:

- Eibach spring kit to lower it (didn't want to go airbags for obvious reasons and i'm scared coilovers will be too uncomfortable unless you guys have tried some you really like?)

- 20" rims! (or is this too much?) Was thinking of going leon hardiritt orden wheels but i'm not too sure of offset and fitment. Please show me what fitment you guys have?

- Thinking of tinting the windows to 10%

- Going to rip of all badges front and rear

- Order a simple black grill with no emblems from ebay to replace the chrome one

- i found this youtube clip of a blitz exhaust - got me thinking of a one as well.....

- what do people think of tinting front and rear tail lights?

- Also possibility of changing to this front bar in the future! Basically the look im gunning for


Thats it for now.

Any suggestions or input would be great! Thanks guys

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To answer you question.....

They are probably in the "v series" section. Maybe an admin can move your thread in there. It will be pretty lonely out here.

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