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2011 Skyline 370GT Type SP (V36) Sedan

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Hi all,


My aspirations of picking up my kids from school in the Skyline have come to an end, it’s time for me to sell.

A fantastic car to drive, with fantastic looks to match. If you want performance without blowing the bank, this is the way to go. Plenty of up and go through the NA VQ37VHR. You’ll find plenty of similarities with the 370Z.

All that aside, if you’re family focused but still want that import feel, this has it all for you. Two anchor points in the rear, cup holder foldout armrest between seats if you need them, ultra wide swing rear doors, plenty of boot space for prams, shopping or subs. Radar controlled cruise, collision prevention alarm and auto braking, front and rear sensors, reversing camera, curb camera and garage peep camera. Snow mode to stop that wheel spin in all the snow we have in SA.

More features!:

Bluetooth, media hard drive, tv mode, GPS. English conversion for head unit, plus stickers on factory buttons. Multizone climate control. All the cup holders you’ll need.

7 speed auto trans with sports, stick and paddle shift.

HID headlights + fog lights. 

20” Work rims

Lowered just to the right level. Probably don’t need to, but I take every speed bump and driveway on the angle. 

Custom twin exhaust, with a great tone whilst not being obnoxious to the neighbourhood. 

Just completed its latest service. All inspections check out, fresh engine and trans oil, plus all filters. Runs like a dream, before and after the service. 

Inspections welcome, bring the RAA if you need to.

Weekends are typically better, or after working hours. 

If you’ve made it this far, you may as well buy it now.

Price is dropped to $23000  

Located South Australia - Salisbury, can bring it through to North Adelaide during weekdays. 
Won’t be shipping interstate, local pickup on sorry.

The name is Rob, texts to my mobile are preferred. 04O8 577 O11 Yes, I swapped the 0 to O. 

If you need more pictures, yell out. 











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In the eagerness for moving my Skyline on, price has been dropped. $15000 ONO.

Now located in Hewett, SA as moved home recently. Vehicle will come with registration when sold.

Is currently in storage, as my Tesla arrived mid December.

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