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HKS Boost Controller Problems. Help !

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Hooked up the HKS EVC boost controller today, and set it up as per the instructions. Anyway, set it at 1.2bar and every run on the Dyno it just seemed to ramp straight up to 21psi when we would abort the run. If we turned it off the boost would stay at 1bar, so it is plumbed ok (I think).

Any suggestions etc ?

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A couple of questions..

What version EVC? < doesn't really matter, just helps to know.

Have you completed the "Learning Mode" feature?..

because if you beieve the EBC is fitted correctly, then your problem sounds similar to what I had with my HKS. Turned out I just needed to run a full "Reset", and then run the "Learning Mode" function, as specified in the HKS manual which can be downloaded... all is perfect and IMHO, the HKS is the best when it comes to EBC's.

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