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HELP! Simple question but can't find answer

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Hi guys,

This is an extremely simple question, but can't find a simple answer after much searching.

Ok, here it is...

I have a r33 gtst, non stock wheel without hicas boss kit, so therefore hicas does not work and the light comes on 10 mins after starting car. I don't care if the 4ws doesn't work. IS IT OK TO LEAVE it as is? Or do i need the "lock kit"? Will it's current functioning mess with the wheel alignment/camber/toe? Or can i simply remove the bulb and forget about it altogether. I am told in the r32 you need a lock kit, but no one seems to know if the 33 requires one.

Any help would be soooo appreciated..

THanks fella in advance.

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I know in my car, 18 months after I bought it I changed the cluster only to find the bulb was pulled out of the original cluster. I had no problems in the previous 18 months and the bulb is now out of my new cluster. Dunno if this helps ya or eases your mind.


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My understanding is that the R33 will go into 'failsafe' mode, ie lock the wheels dead straight, if a problem is detected with the HICAS. In that case I can't really see a problem with leaving it as is.

That said, Skylinegeoff (iirc) on these forums sells HICAS lock kits for $100.

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