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Avoiding Defect Notices

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There is always plenty of people who make mention of either being issued with a defect notice or having concernes of whether or not specific modifications will pass inspections. Does anyone know if there is a link to the Department of Transport (I'm talking QLD here - but no doubt those in other states would like to know their own) website which provides a full listing of what is considered legal in terms of a car - ie transport department specifications which their inspections are based upon.

Apart from obviously conforming to those specifications, we would all be better armed with the knowledge to defend any potential challenge to our interpretation of the rules.

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DOTARS do a ADRs CD but charge $70, ive stumbled across a good link that i'll post up as a thread. The ADRs are federal and each state has a few laws of there own, however you'd be surprised about how much information going around is wrong. Cops normally don't know, and a lot of the times the guys at the pits dont know either.

Anyway try this link it has a few of the ADRs:


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