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migomag 315 - 3 phase welder.

migomag 3 phase industrial welder, can only be used with 3 phase power (so it wont plug into your 240v garage plug). very good condition believe it or not but its still on its first roll. bought about 7 years ago this welder was part of a failed business venture. since then this shinny welder has gathered dust in my garage. I also have an extra 3 phase power plug and wall socket not pictured here.


feel free to call on 0413 714 354 to arange a time to view this item or to satisfy any queries.

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    • It is for idle up signaling when the power steering is under high load. For example if the car is stopped and you turn the steering wheel all the way to the end of travel. My best guess is the thread is identical but unless you can measure yourself it’s hard to be sure. The R32 switch is generic for Nissan so you might be able to find one in a junkyard or a cheap aftermarket alibaba special just to check fitment. Then buy OEM new for actual road use. I’m unclear on whether the R33/34 need the clearance on the switch hence the special part requirement.    I’m pretty sure 4.7V corresponding to open switch is normal. The ECU can detect it too, voltage can exist in the absence of current flow. When the switch closes as the impedance is very low relative to the voltage source it drops to near 0V which can also be sensed. 
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    • Except if I didn't understand, I'm sorry but I think you are wrong (no offense)
    • When you say just about lines up at the front, how many mm could I go extra? 18 X 9 + 28, 25?
    • Ok so with new trans i need GTT/trans propshaft.  With that RB20DE NEO trans..i know it depends on condition but can i at least drive with it? I do not mean trash it... just to drive it around/to shop/garage. I know some people have same trans on RB25DET and make on it 10k+ km ...but some of them blow it after couple of km Iam talking part/compability wise. Apart from that...is there anything else i maybe looking to get/need?  
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