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Brake Bleed Sequence??


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High guys newbie here.. Actually I'm a WRX owner but I do my brothers servicing on his R33, in exchange I get to drive it. :Bang:

Anyway.. Done a quick search through maintenance and can't find anything

on the bleed sequence.

When bleeding brakes on my old XA and other old cars I have always bled furthest and in towards the master cylinder on all my older cars.

But if I'm correct the R33 master cylinder has primary & secondary chambers, so I'm guessing you must bleed in a particular sequence.

The main reason why I was asking is that with MY99 WRX I must be bleed in this sequence.

1) Front Right

2) Rear Left

3) Front Left

4) Rear Right

This is stipulated in the WRX workshop manual.

WRX's / Subaru's have a diagonally split system!

I think the Skyline has a diagonal system too?

If someone has a workshop manual and can confirm the bleed process that would be great. ps Would love to know where I can download a manual.

Thanks guys and I must say this is great forum..

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