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R33 GTR front knuckles not lining up

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Hi all,

Trying to seek some assistance with my issue.

I'm currently doing a complete overhaul of my suspension / driveline, on my r33 gtr and have completed stripped down the front assembly.

I had purchased a new pair of front knuckles (the painted silver ones in the pictured) They were advertised by the shop aswell as other retailers online to be compatible with the entire 4wd R chassis, however when trying to fit the new pair, they don't line up with the ball joints (from the lower control arm) and the steering tie rod. 

The other knuckle pictured is what came off the car, everything fits up to it perfectly, however I've been unable to figure what variant they are from originally.





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Does the old one line up OK if you try to put it back in? In the 32 (different geometry) it is hard to reinsert the ball joint with the sway bar and spring attached.

But ultimately.....this wouldn't be the first aftermarket part that is not right....

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I can see straight away that there is a difference in the relationship of the steering arm outer hole wrt the main body pf the knuckle. So there's no way that it would all just go back together with the various arms (ie tie rods) set to the lengths that work with the original knuckle.


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