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FS: Sydney (south) - 85 Turbo ET Pulsar $950

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1985 ET Pulsar N12 - 1.5L turbo with 2.5" exhaust

Engine runs well although currently it has a dead battery.

I will try to get it charged in the next few days.

Interior consists of only the Front seats, which are the genuine ET seats

The Rear-seat, and carpet has been removed. Dash and instruments work.

All lights and indicators work.

New front and rear brake rotors

New front and rear brake pads

All four callipers were rebuilt

New struts / springs front and rear

New wheel bearings all around

New studs on rear wheels

Fully rebuilt steering rack and steering box

New tyres

Genuine Nissan Workshop Manual

El-cheapo radio/CD sound system ( It's crap but it does work and makes music noises :rolleyes: Cost new was about $100- )

Fluffy-Dice and Stylish Blue, racing style seat-covers

Unregistered so it will need to be towed or trailered

Location: Sydney - Sutherland Shire


I bought this car as a trashed shell with a blown engine and basically nothing that worked. The brake pads were down to the metal and grinding into the rotors. The rotors themselves were below minimum thickness, the shocks and springs were shot, and the steering was a mess. In short, it was a death-trap. I could not believe that the previous owners were driving it like this when they blew the motor. Using another donor vehicle and many new parts as listed above, I rebuilt it. The attitude taken during the rebuild was if in doubt, buy new stuff. The vehicle was inspected and registered after the rebuild, although the rego has now lapsed.

This project was not started with a view to build a super-slick ET, but to build a car that I could use to teach my eldest son to drive in, and to use in Motorkhana and Khanacross during this process. All of these goals were met. My son learnt how to drive in it and we both competed in Motorkhanas and Khanacrosses in it. We would drive the car to the event, have some fun and then drive home. It has probably done less than 2,000klm since being rebuilt.

It has been driven on a race-track once, although this was not done to trash the crap out of it. It was done to see how the car handled at speed and under extreme conditions, so as to ensure that it was safe before letting my son drive it. I really wanted to test things that you just can't do on a public road. In this area, the car excelled. I was going to turn it into a track car for him to hone his driving skills, although this won't be happening in the near future. The car has not been used for nearly 8 months, hence the decision to sell it.

On it's last outing (a Khanacross), it copped a bit of a hit in the front near side, which pushed the passenger-side front quarter back a little. Attempting to open the passenger-side door now catches the guard. This will need to be fixed, by the purchaser. It should be a matter of removing the panel, doing a little metal bending and putting the panel back on, but I am not a panel beater. The photo below shows the worst of the damage.

It is not registered at the moment. The car has one small rust hole in the drivers side floor near the door. This hole is about 3cm long and 5mm wide. I have tried taking a photo of this, but it doesn't show up as it is so small. You probably should repair it prior to registration, although it is hidden by the wiring harness, if you choose not to. Other than that, it should pass rego.

Ideally, it would suit someone who has desires or goals similar to mine when I bought the car. Alternatively, it would take very little work to get a car that you can take to the track and have a hoot in. It might also be of interest to someone who needs lots of expensive spares or replacement parts as part of a rebuild.

This is actually a good and surprisingly quick little car. As already mentioned, since being built and having all the new items as detailed above, it has driven less than 2,000klm. The turbo is in good nick as is the engine, although neither of them are new and I really don't know how many kilometers they have done. The car doesn't blow smoke and should run well for quite some time. Yes, it copped a bit of a bash when it was last used, although that really is superficial. I would fix the passenger-side front guard/door although I'd rather just sell the car exactly as it is. With all the new running gear, it drove on the street like a gem. The new suspension/brake/steering package works a treat and the car is incredibly stable, controllable, and safe at speeds in excess of 160kph on a race-track. I forget the exact geometry settings we dialed-in during it's wheel alignment. Although it isn't anything agressive and was professionally done. The car drives dead straight, and does not wander or float. It also pulls up dead straight and does not misbehave under brakes.

To the best of my knowledge, if you plan on using the car for the same purpose as myself, you really don't need to spend any money. Just a little time fixing the front left guard. Asking price is $950-

Genuine enquiries should be addressed to [email protected] where I will provide you with my phone number and any other contact details.


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